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What is Gingr?

Gingr is the platform we use to provide clients with a convenient customer portal that creates a seamless online experience. In Gingr, customers can self-register and request their, reservations, book other services, as well as purchase package credits, and pay deposits and invoices with ease.


 I’m interested in enrolling my dog in daycare. Where do I start?

Thank you for taking interest in The Dog Alley! We are more than happy to provide a fun and safe environment for you and your pup. To start at The Dog Alley, simply fill out our application on:
This form allows us to store your dog’s information in our system to identify them quickly and pull up their info to view behavior, feeding schedules, and emergency contacts, etc. Make sure to upload all necessary things in the application such as photos and recent vaccination records. Once you have the application finalized, we typically will reach out via email to schedule a free trial day.


When I tried to make a reservation I received a pop-up that says “Reservation Request Blocked For Expired Immunizations,” What does this mean?

Two things: 

For new clients: Our staff members have to review vaccination records BEFORE a new dog can be admitted to our daycare. We have to verify that they have received all required and necessary vaccinations, and we have to approve those files on our end. Once we approve them, we will be reaching out to you via email to schedule a free trial day for your pup. No need to reserve your first day in Gingr because we do it for you!

For our current clients: Double check your pet’s vaccination record! They may need a visit to the vet if their vaccinations are close to or are expired.